An Anglo-Saxon Heathen Griðowǽr

To set aright harm done in days before and to ward to health of days to come:

Anglo-Saxon Heathendom, its Name
We ken that, in olden days, the many-goded belief of our Anglo-Saxon forbearers had no name unto its own for, before the coming of Christendom, there was but the true and good trow held by the ealdfolc. Each thewed the gods as the folk who came before them had done. Thus, it is meet that today, when there is need to mark our belief from that of others, that we should have within our wordhoard a name to offer our belief. In truth, we have many names by which our many-goded Anglo-Saxon belief is known: Ésatréow, Fyrnsidu, Hæðendóm, Þéodisc Geléafa, and more. Indeed, in a belief with many-gods, it may be seemly for that belief to have many names. Yet, we ken the need for a meet name by which all of like trow might speak of this many-goded belief. This name, though mean , we hold to be Anglo-Saxon Heathendom.

Anglo-Saxon Heathendom, its Greater Inner-yard
Furthermore, the name of Anglo-Saxon Heathendom we hold to be open to those who cleave to a thew of those ealdfolc who were themselves, timewise akin to the Anglo-Saxons, be that thew Anglish, Saxon, Jutish, Frankish, Frisian, or Anglo-Norse.

Anglo-Saxon Heathendom, the Greater Grith
Furthermore,  though we do not mark them as Anglo-Saxon Heathens, we ken the kinship of our belief with the many-goded beliefs of the elder Norse and other Germanic folk and are glad to foster friendship toward such Heathens today.

Anglo-Saxon Heathendom, its Thewfulness
As Anglo-Saxon Heathens, within ourselves we seek to grow in these three thews that we ken as the Three Wynns: Wisdom, Wealthdeal, and Worthmind. Outward and to all other Anglo-Saxon Heathens, indeed to all Heathen folk, we reach with Right Good Will, holding the Free Right of mind to be the foremost right of all men.
Be it also known that, as a gift looks for a gift in return, for good done usward we will give good in kind. And, should our Right Good Will be met with evil done usward, we hold it to be rightful to ward ourselves from such harm, always bearing in mind though the greater harm that lasting feud can bring to Heathendom.

Anglo-Saxon Heathendom, its Fellowships
Within Anglo-Saxon Heathendom, there are many fellowships, some of which take for themselves the name of inhíred, some the name of þéod, some gyld, some cynn or kindred, some hearth, and some find other words more fitting to call their fellowships. Yet each of these fellowships is deemed to be free and self-wielded. As such, we hold that no Heathen fellowship, its folk or the heads thereof, has the right nor the reach to saddle its will upon the inner workings of any other free and self-wielded Heathen fellowship.

Our Pledge
We hold this griðowǽr to be true and good, and bind ourselves to it by our freely pledged word. We hold this griðowǽr open to all others who would themselves be kenned as Anglo-Saxon Heathens and who openly pledge likewise. May Anglo-Saxon Heathendom ever wax in weal and grow in the sight of its Gods.

To this pledge we set our hand and give our word:

Ealdríce Hæðengyld – Hréðemónað 2012
Frithstead– Eástermónað 2012
Eþelæceres– Þrimilchi 2012
Gréat Dæl Cynréd – Æftera Géola 2013
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